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    Manual focussing nikon df >> [ Download ]

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    12 Jan 2015 I have heard conflicting reports about manual focusing using the Nikon DF. Can anyone give any real life experiences using trusty classic
    11 Sep 2016 The pain associated with gout is just as painful as manually focusing a fast prime on modern DSLRs like the Nikon Df and I will show you how I
    2 Sep 2014 It did seem odd to me that they would make it compatible with any of the older Nikon manual focus lenses but they wouldn’t give a great way to
    9 Nov 2013 The 1/4,000th of a second fastest shutter speed isn’t much of a problem with the Nikon Df. You get ISO 50, so there you go. The viewfinder?
    30 Nov 2013 I’ve been following the debate about using manual focus lenses on the Df and the lack of a split prism. Really interested to know how those of
    Having a solid kit of manual-focus Nikon lenses – especially many “F” lenses from the 1960s which were never AI converted, which I use on my
    Today’s turn was the Nikon Df. I brought my 50mm 1.4 AF-D and my 105mm AIS. I shoot with a Nikon F4 and Mamiya 7ii. I gave away my F100
    5 Jan 2015 But I also have my trusty Nikon Df with all of its awesome old school film manual focus baby – which is a rather sucky experience on Nikon.9 Dec 2013 Using old Nikkor AI-S lenses, setting the aperture using that weird ring thing on the lens body, and focussing it manually. The first thing I had to
    3 Mar 2012


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